Nautical Club of Kalamaki, Athens, Greece


2024 ILCA Senior European Championships

The distance from the Athens International Airport to the venue is 35 km.

There is a bus service (X96) from the airport to Piraeus port with a bus stop within walking distance from the venue. The duration of the bus trip is approximately 1h 20min. It takes 40 min to cover the distance by car.

Fixed rail transport is another option, passing through the center of Athens, but requires 1 change from metro (M3) to tram (T5) and involves around 8 min of walking. Total trip time is slightly longer compared to the bus and more variable due to waiting time at the changeover.

Taxi service is readily available in the venue area. Bus stops for regular city bus service and a tram station are very close to the venue.

Free car parking, adjacent to the venue, will be provided in cooperation with the Municipality of Alimos.

In-venue parking for motor-homes will be provided. The venue has 24 hour security service. In case of need motor-homes can be accommodated in the nearby car-park.