Nautical Club of Kalamaki, Athens, Greece

Site map and facilities

2024 ILCA Senior European Championships

Launching / Landing sites

The venue features two launching ramps capable of launching at least 10 boats at the same time. A new nonpermanent ramp will be installed for the duration of the championship. It will be located on the northern quay next to the boat park. It will provide direct access to the fairway that leads to the entrance of the marina.

The venue launching ramps can be operated in all weather conditions and there are no abstractions or other limitations, as they are situated inside a marina.
The venue features also a one-ton crane.

Boat park

The boat park has direct access to the launching ramps. Fresh water hose pipes are located all along the quay, as the venue is part of a marina, and in several other places inside the boat park. See above site plan.

There is 24 hour security service in the boat park. There is a guard house inside the area of the boat park and access from outside is controlled by an access bar.

Dinghy spares shop

The local Laser representative will have a sales facility in the venue. He is located approximately 8km from the venue, a distance covered by car in 16 minutes or in 30 minutes with the bus.

Toliet and showering facilities

There are 4 male and 4 female toilets at the moment in the venue. 2 more of each will be installed before the event. Provision will be made to augment the number of available toilets by installing chemical toilets for the duration of the event, if it is so required.

At the moment, the venue features one male and one female changing rooms with 2 showers each. Additional toilets and showers will be added as required. There will be an hourly cleaning service.


The clubhouse has a restaurant. A rest area established in the venue will provide snacks and refreshments. There will be a dedicated space, inside the boat park area, for the daily pasta lunch. There are numerous restaurants and tavernas in the vicinity of the venue.